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E Coli Testing
The Michigan Water Quality Standards (WQS) contain numerical criteria for Escherichia Coli (E. coli) as an indicator of the potential human health risk from partial and total body contact recreation, which is a designated use of the waters of the state. Waters of the state of Michigan which are protected for total body contact recreation must meet limits of 130 or less counts of E. coli / 100 milliliters (mL) monthly average and 300 E. coli counts or less / 100 mL at any time.

An ecoli testing program is underway by the Onekama village, Onekama township and the State of Michigan.  The test results are presented below in Microsoft Excel format.

2008 Village E coli Test Results

2008 Township E Coli Test Results

2008 Lake Michigan Beachfront Test Results (end of Portage Point Rd)

Dissolved oxygen testing

Dissolved oxygen is important for sustaining aquatic life. The solubility of oxygen and other gases depend on water temperature. Colder water can contain more dissolved gases. Oxygen enters the water from the atmosphere and it is produced by aquatic plants during photosynthesis. Oxygen is used sunlight is not available. Oxygen depletion can occur in lakes with high plant and animal oxygen demand, especially in areas of lakes where waters do not mix freely or come in contact with the atmosphere. Water quality standards (related to discharges) in Michigan require maintenance of 7 mg/l dissolved oxygen for all Great Lakes and connecting waters, designated trout streams, and coldwater inland lakes. The water quality standard for other water bodies is 5 mg/l. Minimum dissolved oxygen levels for suitable summer habitat are approximately 3.0 mg/l for coldwater and coolwater fish and 2.5 mg/l for warmwater fish (Schneider 2002). The influence of water temperature stratification, dissolved oxygen, and trophic status determine the types of aquatic organisms that live in a lake, and are discussed later under trophic status.

The testing program underway is led by the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians.

2008 Dissolved Oxygen Test Results
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