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Our Mission

 The Portage Lake Association is a group of volunteers who are dedicated to making the

Portage Lake Area a great place in which to live, play and stay.

Here are just a few of the things we do...

Summer Concerts in the Park

Colorful Street-side Petunias

Stunning Fireworks display

Picture Perfect Fall Festival

Christmas in Onekama

(quality arts and crafts show) 


This is just a short list of the many annual projects

the PLA organizes for the Portage Lake region.


If you wish to strengthen our community,

volunteer for an existing program or initiate a project that interests you,

We want you as a member!


New people, fresh ideas are encouraged...

 join today! 

PLA Notices

NOTICE - January 2023 - The Portage Lake Association 2023 Business Partnership information will be going out the first-of-the-year. If you are interested in becoming a Business Partner please let us know

so we can get you on our mailing list. We encourage all area businesses to join the PLA Association and become a Business Partner with More information here.

BusinessPartners 2022

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