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Onekama Village Planning Commission will meet, Monday November 9 at 7 p.m. in the Farr Center. Click here for the agenda.


The Village Office is open to the public Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9-2 but masks are required to enter.


Village Residents, FEMA has issued a preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) for your information. Public comment is welcome for the next 30 days.

Ray Franz/Onekama Village President. 


Village Taxes are printed on the green paper.  They are sent out on July 1st and are due by September 14th.  Our office is located next to the Library which is in our building.

The sewer bills need to be paid by the last day of February every year.  If not, I have to add them as a special assessment onto the summer tax for that property.

If you have any questions about your taxes or your sewer please feel free to call me at our office 231-889-3171.


Thank you for your time. - Nikki

Onekama Village Council

Ray Franz


Ruth Hudson


Nikki Jach



Rob Carson, AICO Manistee County Planning Director

(231) 723-6041

Roger Burger 

Ralph Drumm
Rod Hudson
Wayne Miller

Andrea Arthur
Suzanne Schwing


Lawrence Hrachovina
(231) 889-4240 (fire building)

VILLAGE COUNCIL General Information: 


Village Council meets on the Third Wednesday 7 pm at the Farr Center.


Farr Center Hall rental: please make arrangements with the clerk @ (231) 889-3171 or email:


  • No burning is permitted within the Village Limits – only bonfires

  • Feeding of waterfowl, including but not limited to ducks, geese, and swans IS NOT PERMITTED in the Village.

  • Land use permits may be obtained by contacting Village Zoning Administrator. 


1. RECYCLING:  Recycling bins (cans, plastic, glass, cardboard & paper) are now in Onekama township parking lot for your convenience. Please recycle responsibly ... no styrofoam or garbage.



Within the Village limits, brush, lawn and garden disposal is available at the Village property located at 9493 Milarch Road; scheduled on Saturdays from 8am - 11am for the months of April through October.  Villages must have proof of residence by showing a tax receipt. The Village of Onekama assumes no responsibility for the safety or liability of anyone disposing of brush or lawn and garden debris.

Apr 25 | May 23 | Jun 27 | Jul 25 Aug 29 Sep 26 | Oct 24

Brush is considered to be branches smaller than 3” in diameter, small tree limbs, and bush and shrub trimmings.  Brush is not old trees cut into lengths, old cedars, or old arborvitae.  
Excessive or oversized brush will not be removed by the Village.  RRemoval and disposal of trees and full sized shrubs are the responsibility of the property owner. Brush must not be contaminated with metal, wire, glass, chemicals, concrete, asphalt, lawn and garden debris, or other household refuse. 

Clearly labeled paper Biodegradable bags must be used for lawn and garden debris.  These bags will only be accepted as scheduled above. Bags must not be contaminated with metal, glass, chemicals, concrete, asphalt, or other household refuse. If a property owner is using another type of bag, they must empty the bag in the appropriate area and take the bag with them for proper disposal. 

Limited brush collection will be within the Village limits and is scheduled for the months of April through October.


April 11 | May 16  | June 13 | July 18 | August 15 |  Sept 19 | Oct 17 

Brush is handled by the Village Maintenance Personnel and by a contractor using your tax money. Because we want to use your money as efficiently as possible, please use brush collection properly. Please keep our Village looking neat. Do not place brush or bags out on the streets. on the day of the scheduled collection. Violation of the brush policy may result in the suspension of disposal privileges.


5283 Main Street,

Onekama, MI 49675
Phone#: (231) 889-3171
Fax # (231) 889-3423

Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from

9a - 2p


The Village of Onekama Planning Commission will hold its regular meetings at 1:00 p.m. in the main room of the Farr Center on the following dates. Please check the calendar for more information.

Additional Planning Commission Meetings will be scheduled as necessary and posted.


On March 9, 2016, the Village Council adopted Ordinance No. 1 of 2016 which amends the Village Zoning Ordinance.

Click here for the Current Zoning Ordinance As Amended


Click here for the Village Zoning Board of Appeals Organizational Meeting Minutes 2013

Click Here for the Text of Ordinance No.1 & Amendments

Please note our zoning administrator is located at 395 3rd Street, Manistee MI. Hours: Mon-Fri 9a-5p.

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