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 President: Roz Jaffe
Past President: Al Taylor

Vice President: Nikki Schneider

Treasurer: Evie McNeil 

 Secretary: Jean Capper


 Julie Lapinski

Susan Halloran

Kyle Miller

 David Maylen


Concerts in the Park 

Committee Chair: Brian Devilling


Concerts Mentor

Committee Chair: Steve Szilvagyi

 Christmas in Onekama

​Committee Chair: OPEN

Craft Show: Nikki Schneider

Celebration of Lights/Tree: Justin Sedelmaier

Celebration of Lights: OPEN

Christmas Lights & Banners

Committee Chair: Julie Lapinski

Co-Chair: Justin Sedelmaier

Fall Festival

​Co-Chair: Julie Lapinski

Co-Chair: Nikki Schneider


Co-Chair: Al Taylor

Co-Chair: Julie Lapinski

 Lake Information

Chair: Mary Reed, Email


​Committee Chair: Faye Backie

Written Pub. -OPEN

Near & Farr Friends

Chair: Mary Fairgrieve

Newsletter Editor

Chair: Jean Capper

Petunia Parade

Co-Chair: Debby Major

Co-Chair: Mary Jo McElroy

 Onekama Days

Chair: Al Taylor


Pig Out for OCS Chair: Mary Jo McElroy

Pig Out for OCS CoChair: OPEN

Beer Tasting: Roz Jaffe

Fireworks Chair: Paul Mueller

Fireworks CoChair: Kyle Miller

Car Show Chair: OPEN

Craft Show Chair: Nikki Schneider

Scholarships, School Projects

​Committee Chair: David Maylen

Website, Facebook Publicity

Committee Chair: Al Taylor


Co-Chair: Julie Lapinski

Co-Chair: Mary Jo McElroy

Written Publicity

Chair: Mary Jo McElroy

Portage Lake Association

2022 Board of Directors

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