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Captain John Langland Park

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• Location - The Turnaround at the Lake MI Shoreline North of the Channel, West End of Second Street,

   Portage Point, Onekama Township

• Community park, natural resource area 

• 60 acres+-

• Some of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines for those with disabilities

• Accessible from paved thoroughfare

• Beaches, swimming, access to Channel north pier for fishing and walking, picnicking, Lake views, watching sunset 

This popular area includes a large, asphalt-paved parking lot, a deck with two gazebos that is handicap accessible, and stairs to the Lake Michigan beach. The beach is a public land that is platted as Lake Michigan Avenue in Portage Point Resort. The beach is extensively used during the warmer months for walking, sunbathing, and swimming. Portable toilets are provided here during the summer months. Fishermen congregate and others walk on the nearby north pier to obtain a better view of the waters.

The Park is named for Langland, being designated as “Captain John Langland Park.” The original lighthouse, which was kerosene, was placed at the end of the north pier in 1891 and was tended by Captain Langland; Langland remained at Portage Lake in his of official capacity as light tender until the light was automated and lighted with acetylene gas in 1917.

A metal catwalk leading to the wooden light was built in 1901. A steel light tower replaced the wooden structure in 1930. This tower was removed in 1985; a steel cylinder with a light was installed at that time.

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