Onekama Economic Sustainability Committee

NAME: The committee shall be known as The Onekama Economic Sustainability Committee.

PURPOSE: The committee is comprised of volunteers committed to fostering smart sustainable economic development within the Village of Onekama and Township of Onekama.  Within this purpose the committee will identify and implement projects that protect community character and build its viability as a coastal community.  In doing so the committee will rely upon community master plans, recreation plan, watershed plan and the M-22 economic development plan. The committee will also identify projects of opportunity, develop the scope of the projects and identify and obtain funding sources.  The committee will also serve as a resource for other community organizations as they pursue their goals.


In pursuing this purpose, the committee also hopes to build a shared view of the direction of the community to maximize effort in building strong economic development.

Click here for Operating Structure of the Onekama Economic Sustainability  Committee.

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Making our community a more enjoyable place to live, work and play is our purpose. We are non-political and concentrate on smaller, achievable projects to build our momentum...

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