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Glen Park

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• Location - West Side of Fourth Avenue above Main Street (M-22), Onekama

• Natural resource area

• 12 acres+-

• None of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines for those with disabilities

• Remnant landscape—including a creek, springs, and wellhouses - recalling a significant part of the area’s                   historical past; trails to observe flora and fauna

• Accessible from paved thoroughfare

Glen Park marks the site of the first bona fide resort in Manistee County. The area was developed in the 1880’s because of the mineral springs that existed. Today, the mineral springs still run, with several of them originating under wellhouses that were reconstructed in 1976. The wooded parkland was donated to Onekama Township in 1961, although it had been used by the public for many years.

Unpaved trails with wooden footbridges run along and across spring-fed Glen Creek; a stairway connects the Springs and valley with unpaved trails along the wooded ridge in the upper areas of the Park and the parking lot. The Park is used by students of the Onekama School, who also have assisted in its maintenance, to observe wildlife and identify plants. Students in the Onekama Community Corps made repairs in the Park during 2000. The Township is responsible for maintaining this Park, even though it is within Village limits.

Glen Park is named for the Springs and Creek that are its central features. It is a natural area that has been set aside for the preservation of significant flora and fauna, and a landscape that recalls a significant part of the Town’s historical past. The Park was listed in the Michigan State Register of Historic Sites in 2012. A Michigan State Historical Marker is at the lower entrance to the Park.

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